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Let’s Talk: How to Stop Microaggressions in the Workplace

At AIWN, we have been hosting conversations about race. For December’s event, LaToia Burkley will facilitate an informal conversation on how you can recognize your own unconscious bias and be a better bystander when you see it happening to someone.

“Yeah, but where are you really from?” to the Pacific Islander employee who answered “Seattle” the first time.
s that your real hair?” to the Black female sporting a new look.
“Wow, English must be so hard for you guys” to the new Pakistani EVP. 

There’s a name for what’s happening in these situations, when people’s biases against marginalized groups reveal themselves in a way that leaves their victims feeling uncomfortable or insulted: microaggressions.

They’re the kinds of remarks, questions, or actions that are painful because they have to do with a person’s membership in a group that’s discriminated against or subject to stereotypes.

Microaggressions are the commonplace verbal, behavioral, and environmental slights that communicate hostile or negative racial, gender, sexual orientation and religious preconceptions. And a key part of what makes them so disconcerting is that they happen casually, frequently, and often without any harm intended, in everyday life.

But the reality is that even though they’re often unintentional, they can be the building blocks of creating workplaces that feel unsafe and unwelcoming for some employees. 

LaToia will facilitate the conversation on how you can recognize your own unconscious bias, as well as how to be a better bystander when you see it happening to someone else. 


About LaToia Burkley

LaToia Burkley of Your Big Debut is a goal-oriented, certified diversity coach, as well as a highly skilled, innovative, and energetic business professional

In her work with clients, she draws on her background identifying, prioritizing, maximizing opportunities, and orchestrating solutions in  the Human Resources and Business Operations space. LaToia’s specialties include Diversity & Inclusion, Networking, and Professional & Leadership Development. 

In a corporate environment, LaToia guides leaders as they put together engagement and coaching strategies designed for the call center world. When she’s not helping clients with professional development, LaToia dedicates her time to volunteering in a faith-based foreign language ministry centered in Rhode Island. She’s called New England home since November 2019, having traded in her Georgia Peach status for the Ocean State. LaToia is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, is a travel pro and loves to take in new sites and cultures. She is known to devour books, is a self-proclaimed  foodie, and enjoys having a good time with friends.

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December 1, 2020


10:00 am - 11:00 am




Virtual Event
Atlanta, GA 30308 United States

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