Mentorship Program

Pass It On

Mentorship for Professional Women in Atlanta

Working for yourself doesn’t have to mean going it alone all the time!

Mentoring is a powerful way for a professional woman to develop and advance her business skills while creating deeper relationships and a strong support network.

The AIWN Pass it On mentorship program connects professional women looking for advice, guidance, and accountability to our experienced members who have been there and can share a wealth of information about working for yourself and growing a business.

Benefits of Mentoring (for the Mentee):
  • A mentor can help guide the mentee through new experiences.
  • A mentor can provide a fresh perspective on the mentee’s business and goals.
  • A mentor can provide a sense of accountability to accomplish goals over the course of the session.
  • A mentor can refer their mentee to other members of AIWN who are great resources for specific issues.

What did you gain from signing up as a Mentee?

“I decided to sign up for the mentorship program because I was in the middle of my first year of running my own business, and there are so many things to learn! Caroline was my mentor, and even though we have different businesses (I am an accountant, she is an architect), it was really great to regularly talk with someone who’s been through starting her own business and growing it. My challenge that we focused on during our sessions is getting out to networking events, and Caroline had tons of suggestions for me. I ended up finding a really great new client thanks to getting out there and meeting new people. In addition to networking advice, Caroline had valuable insight on running a business from a dedicated business space vs. in my home, methods of finding leads other than networking, and how to bring on employees.”

Benefits of Mentoring (for the Mentor):
  • Mentors will renew and develop communication and listening skills.
  • A mentee can provide renewed motivation for a mentor to work on challenges in their own business.
  • Mentors can gain a sense of satisfaction and confidence from passing on their knowledge to a mentee.
  • Mentors can learn new things from their mentees, from the deep conversations that mentoring encourages.

Hear from some mentors who’ve participated in the past:

“I hope to offer valuable support to someone who needs it. I will also gain new perspective and up to date information on running my own business.”

“It’s neat to be a part of a female owned business success. I truly enjoy it when my mentees are successful”

“I’d love to give back to the community. I know that in the right match there is much I may learn from a mentee as well – especially one much younger than myself who has a good handle on technology!”

“I hope participating in the mentoring program will bring personal and business growth, and that I will develop richer relationships with fellow AIWN members.”

Here’s How It Works

Participation in Pass it On is a benefit of membership of AIWN. All mentors and mentees must be members of AIWN in order to participate.

In addition to one-on-one meetings with a mentor, our program includes mentorship group meetings, where we address topics that are tailored to the concerns of our current mentees.

Upcoming mentoring sessions:

In 2020 we will have two sessions of Pass it On:

You may sign up as both a mentor and mentee! Several members have done this during previous sessions.

Required commitment over 4-month session:

  • One group meet and greet to assign mentors to mentees +- 2 hours
  • Two face-to-face meeting (i.e. breakfast, coffee, lunch) ~2 hours total
  • Two monthly 30 minute phone conference between mentor / mentee ~1 hours total
  • Group get together during the session to discuss particular topic ~2 hours
  • Regular attendance at AIWN meetings ~8 hours
  • Mentors and mentees must be members of AIWN to participate

Please contact Kelly-Ann Green at with any questions on the mentorship program.